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Honest Product Review: Mr. Iced Coffee Maker is a Big Win For Speed and Price

Honest Product Review: Mr. Iced Coffee Is a Huge Win For Speed and Price3 min read As an avid coffee drinker, I stay pretty up-to-date with any new coffee launches from any of the big coffee chains, as well as any new coffee machines and products. I was absolutely...

Consumer trends 2021: Make This Year Your Own with DIY Kits

Consumer Trend 2021: Make This Year Your Own With DIY Kits2 min read   2020 has changed the way we socialize, work, parent, and celebrate holidays. With lockdowns and remote working, consumers have had more time on their hands than ever. Thus, instead of buying...

Consumer Trends 2021: Remote Remains Rampant in Our Daily Lives

Consumer Trend 2021: Remote Remains Rampant in Our Daily Lives2 min read | Dr. Audrey Guskey Today, January 1, 2021 Consumer $ense is launching our series of Consumer Trends for 2021.  Check it out over the next week to see what our Dream Team is predicting for the...

Marketing Trends From COVID-19 That Are Here to Stay

Marketing Trends From Covid-19 That Are Here to Stay3 min read The QR code has made a comeback and Steve Madden can register you to vote- what else is new? Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the world of marketing has been shaken and brands have been forced to quickly and...


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