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Ways to Spend Fourth of July This Year

Ways to Spend Fourth of July This Year

Ways to Spend Fourth of July This Year3 min read This year has been anything but normal. We’ve already experienced Easter in quarantine, but now we’re about to experience the 4th of July under social distancing circumstances. Easter gatherings, however, cannot begin...

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Dr. Audrey Guskey | Consumer Trends Expert

We are all itching for better service. We are paying a high price for services, yet we feel we don’t get our money’s worth. We don’t get the service we deserve. So how do we get companies to indulge us with special VIP treatment? If you are itching for better service – HELP YOURSELF! Use this book’s Service Rules and scratch that consumer itch to get satisfaction!

Itching for Better Service? HELP YOURSELF! provides practical rules and tools for customers to get the service that they expect. You gain CONSUMER POWER to take control of the service experience and save time, money, and aggravation in the marketplace. I have been conducting research on customer service for over twenty-five years and collected and analyzed 1,548 stories from consumers which tell strategies for how they got better service. These stories morphed into ten ITCHES: WHICH? NICHE, PITCH, BEWITCH, HITCH, GLITCH, STITCH, BITCH! SNITCH, and DITCH & SWITCH. Within each of these itches are Service Rules for how to be treated like a favorite customer such as: What’s it worth to you? Tell your story. Act the part. Make a friend. Be out of sync. Stop the twitch. Complain right. Create a buzz.

The book is packed with my real-life stories and stories from consumers that illustrate how the service rules were used!