Valentine’s Day: Practical Gifts To Share the Love With Family &Friends

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Gone are the years when Valentine’s Day was just for folks in a romantic relationship. This year, we’re elevating Valentine’s Day to a whole new level by showing moms, dads, siblings, best friends or any other special people in your life that you care for and love them (although of course you don’t need a holiday to do that, but it’s a nice excuse!) 

To get the ball rolling on this new tradition, we’ve rounded up a list of gift ideas for each type of special person in your life who deserves the love of Valentine’s Day.


Mother’s Day is simply not enough to appreciate the lovely ladies who do some much for us. This Valentine’s Day, gift your mom something she’ll actually use and appreciate, like a custom assortment of soaps. If she appreciates a little sentimentality, this personalized birthstone bracelet from Etsy lets her keep you close no matter where you are. For a more budget-friendly option, whip up her favorite meal (with a little inspiration from Pinterest) or make a homemade Valentine’s Day dessert (anything chocolate is a winner).


A watch is a classic staple of every dad’s life, and this one from Etsy even lets you engrave a little note on the back. And as always you can never go wrong with food, right? Cook your dad his favorite meal or buy a one-month subscription box full of his favorite snacks. (try Jerky Gent for beef jerky, US Microbrewed Beer Club, Birchbox grooming, or Sock Panda to spruce up his sock collection..every dad has one, right?) 

This wooden six-pack crate is a blank canvas just waiting to be filled with his favorite beer (or a variety of beers). If you’re looking for an experience, 


For the ones you hate to love, gag gifts will always entertaining. Try wrapping your REAL gift in a gag gift box, like this Extreme Chores video game box, or this Tech Neck device collar so you can finally tell your siblings, “keep your hands to yourself”.  

But seriously, if you actually want to show some love to your favorite childhood enemies on Valentine’s Day, fill that gag box with their favorite snacks.

For sisters, gift a spa box so she can have a relaxing night to herself. 

A personalized, engraved wallet or a nice quality beanie for those cold weather months or bad hair days.

For the Whole Family

If lumping everyone’s gift into one is your style, games are a great option. The mystery card game, Ultimate Werewolf, where your deception skills will be tested, relationships will be put on the line and your entire family dynamic may come crumbling down, is perfect for Valentine’s Day..right? For a more appropriately themed card game, Love Letter is just as competitive. 

You could also offer to cook the family dinner. If you’re feeling unconventional, you can spice it up and make breakfast for dinner, because who doesn’t love heart shaped waffles and bacon at 6:00PM?

Best Friends

Last but not least, let’s not forget the people in our lives who are basically family. 

Doordash gift cards remove the stress of cooking for a night or a HelloFresh gift card helps them brush up on their cooking skills while also giving them a new meal or two in their rotation!

If you’re willing to splurge and want to really surprise them, book a trip! It doesn’t have to be big or fancy, you can even book an Airbnb near an outdoor spot you’ve always talked about hiking. This adventurous gift is a personal favorite: Let’s Roam. This team of pro explorers has built up a library of “digitally guided Scavenger Hunts, Bar Hunts, Ghost Tours and more” in over 400 cities. Talk about a unique gift experience! If you sign up with email, you can get 10% off your first order. A 2 person scavenger hunt is just $39.99, or 6 people hunt for $59.99.

Who says Valentine’s Day can’t be shared with friends and family? After this year, we all need a little love. Hopefully these gift ideas sparked some inspiration as to how you can share the love with everyone in your life. Happy Valentine’s Day from Consumer $ense!

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