Valentine’s Day is upon us and are you feeling like you’re struggling to find a way to be both romantic and not go overboard in the financial department? It seems like an impossible task to impress your loved one and save money at the same time. Luckily, we’ve rounded up some tips to help you do just that. Your significant other will be just as pleased as your wallet!

1. Skip the florist and head for the grocery store instead. They have just as wide a range of options and keep their flowers refrigerated at a lower price.
2. Go outside the box if you are purchasing flowers for someone special! Roses tend to be outrageously overpriced this day of the year, so instead try other flowers. Maybe consider your loved ones favorite kind, scent, or color to show that you really took the time to think about them and you’ll be saving money at the same time.
3. Make a Valentine’s Day dinner reservation for a different day. The weekend before or after may still be busy, but nearly as much as restaurant’s second busiest day of the year. Also, on Valentine’s Day, they rarely ever offer discounts.
4. Keep track of your expenses by setting a budget and sticking with it. It can be easy to go overboard, and those Valentine’s Day prices may just add up quickly.
5. Be romantic and create memories! An experience lasts a lifetime, while flowers last a few days. Being creative and coming up with inexpensive but memorable ways to celebrate this holiday go a long way with the person you love. It shows you care, and although it may be more effort, it will definitely be worth it in the long run. Try cooking a meal at home instead of going out or recreating your first date (which hopefully isn’t too pricey).
6. Personalize your gift instead of purchasing a Hallmark card that screams generic. An electronic or handmade photo album or card has more significant meaning for a person.
7. Use those credit card reward points you’ve racked up if you are looking to make a purchase on Valentine’s Day. Using them to buy a gift for the one you love, is definitely putting them to good use.
With these 7 money-saving Valentine’s Day tips, any way you choose to show your affection to the one you love is guaranteed to be a hit without your bank account feeling the same effects!

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