Valentine’s Day 2021: Contactlessly Delivered Gifts For Your Valentine

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 The most romantic day of the year is upon us once more. Happy Valentine’s Day! With the pandemic still raging, it may not be the best idea to have a romantic dinner at a restaurant or even get together with your significant other. However, there are a variety of thoughtful and unique gifts other than those from Edible Arrangements or 1800 Flowers that can be delivered right to your loved one’s door. Check them out below: 


Usually when one thinks of Valentine’s Day flowers, perhaps they think of a dozen of red roses or tulips. However, there are a variety of other flower arrangements to buy. For example, Harry & David is selling a succulent flower arrangement in a heart-shaped frame made of rustic wood. With tax and shipping, the cost comes out to just under $110, which may seem pricey, but the arrangement ships out immediately and will arrive at its destination in only two days. 

 Harry & David sells an adorable gift basket aptly called the Rose and Rosé Wine Gift Set. Per its name, this gift comes with a pink rose plant and a bottle of Harry & David’s award winning rosé. It also comes with crackers, cheese, cookies, and pink-foil wrapped pears all in a cute wicker basket. It is the perfect set for making a charcuterie board at home or having a picnic in the park. This basket comes out to just under $100 and is eligible for two-day shipping. 


Cheesecake is not the first gift that comes to mind when shopping for your valentine. But, it is the perfect sweet treat for your boyfriend, girlfriend, or parents. The New York restaurant Junior’s sells their famous cheesecakes and offers shipping to anywhere in the United States. For Valentine’s Day, they offer a heart-shaped strawberry swirl cheesecake for only $50. For the chocolate-lover in your life, they offer a heart-shaped version of their original cheesecake smothered in chocolate and adorned with chocolate chips. Other Valentine’s Day cheesecakes include their layered red velvet and strawberry shortcake cheesecake at only $51. National two-day shipping is $15 and the cheesecakes arrive packed in dry ice or gel packs to ensure freshness. 

 If buying a Junior’s cheesecake is too expensive, pick up Junior’s Dessert Cookbook and try your hand at making cheesecake. 


If you are looking for a memento that captures the beauty of flowers but does not die within a few weeks of Valentine’s Day, look no further. Rose bears, per their name, are teddy bear shaped arrangements of fake roses. They can be found at a variety of online retailers, but Dan’s Collectibles and More has a large selection of different rose bears. Standing at approximately 20 inches, the basic rose bear comes in 40 different colors including creme, brown, red, and pink. This shop also offers rose covered rabbits, rose covered dogs, as well as pearl-covered bears. These range in price from $50-70 and ship within two weeks of order placement. 

 If these rose bears are too expensive, try your hand at making your own using teddy-bear shaped styrofoam, a glue gun, and fake flowers. 


Balloons are the perfect Valentine’s Day for significant others and children alike. Balloon Planet offers a variety of balloon displays shipped right to the recipient’s door with a heartfelt, personalized note. For instance, Balloon Planet offers a large, inflatable teddy bear balloon with an additional choice of another Valentine’s Day balloon for approximately $70. They also offer a more minimalistic balloon arrangement of heart shaped balloons for $60. These arrangements include nine balloons that are either pastel, neon, or red. Balloon Planet also offers a variety of Valentine’s Day balloon displays for children. The two juvenile options include pink based balloons with the consumer’s choice of a monkey balloon or a unicorn balloon. For $75, a random balloon display will be created which includes 11 balloons, some of which may be singing balloons. 


M&M’s offers a variety of fun Valentine’s Day gifts for that special man or woman in your life. Customize pink and red M&M’s with a variety of Valentine’s Day themed clip-art, slogans, and images. There is also the option to upload your own photo of you and your loved one right onto your M&M’s. M&M’s then packages the personalized candies in a variety of tins and bags including a champagne bottle, teddy-bear shaped tin, or heart shaped tin. These range in price from $20-50 with shipping costs of about $10 for standard shipping. For the football lover in your life, M&M’s offers tins with NFL team-themed M&M’s for $45. 


Send-a-cake is a company that specializes in personalized small cakes and cake boxes for special occasions. For Valentine’s Day, they offer two special options. The first, titled the Valentine Cake Bomb, is a red sphere which opens up to display a 3d paper bear holding a personalized photo surrounded by roses. In a compartment below the bear, there is a chocolate oreo-pretzel cake. This item costs about $100 with free shipping applied to the consumer’s first two orders. 

Send-a-cake offers another Valentine’s Day option that is significantly cheaper. This package includes a red box with gold hearts which opens to reveal a red velvet bundt cake. Pink roses and butterflies surround the cake compartment. The consumer has the option to add four personalized photos and other customizations to this box which cost up to $20. This box costs $60 without the photos or $75 with photos. 


Card company Lovepop offers Valentines Day cards that are much more unique than Hallmark or American Greeting cards. These cards may look ordinary but, when opened, show a 3d pop-up design. For instance, the “Love You More Than Chocolate” card features a 3d, heart-shaped box of chocolate crafted out of paper in the center of the card. For the Star Wars lover in your life, Lovepop offers Darth Vader and Baby Yoda cards, among others. These cards cost about $15 each with an additional $5 for an attached personal note. Lovepop also sells paper bouquets of nearly every flower imaginable. These are perfect as they allow for the consumer to keep them long after Valentine’s Day. 


Looking for an unconventional gift to surprise him this Valentine’s Day? The Manly Man Co. has a number of unique gifts, including bouquets made out of beef jerky. The bouquet of a dozen beef jerky flowers is available in three flavors: original, teriyaki, hot, or consumers have the option of a mix of all three. The “flowers” are arranged in the consumer’s choice of pint glass, steel pint glass, or beer stein. It costs $89 with shipping costs estimated at checkout. The Manly Man Co. has other Valentine’s gifts including bacon and chocolate roses as well as a custom “meat card” which consists of a slab of original beef jerky laser-engraved with a personalized message. 

I hope these tips inspire you to have a safe and thoughtful Valentine’s Day whether you are spending it with a significant other, your parents, kids, friends, or just by yourself. Check out our social media and website tomorrow for another Valentine’s Day article. What are your plans for Valentine’s Day? Let us know on Instagram or Twitter.

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