Super Bowl LI is just around the corner, which means the highly anticipated commercials are as well! Here are Dr. Guskey’s, a trend expert for over 30 years, tips for everything you should look for/know in this years Super Bowl commercials:

  1. Commercial trends for this year: live ads, commercials in real-time, and controversial topics!
  2. Is the super price worth the super ad? YES! Over 1 billion people are predicted watch this years Super Bowl. With 30 second ads running for a cool 5 million dollars, it costs about 4 cents to reach each viewer.
  3. Are the ads getting better? Dr. Guskey says probably not! The creativity and cleverness that we’ve seen in the past seems to be exactly that- in the past!
  4. What commercials to look for: Snickers will be doing a LIVE add with Adam Driver, Hyundai will air an ad in real-time, Intel will feature Tom Brady in their commercial, and Wendy’s will be airing their first ever Super Bowl commercial showcasing Foreigner’s “Cold As Ice”.