How can you be Romeo AND stay on a tight budget? In other words, how can you be cheap, yet appear to be romantic? Here are marketing expert Dr. Audrey Guskey’s  top 7 tips for saving money on Valentine’s Day:

1. Buy Flowers from a grocery store. They keep their flowers refrigerated just like at a florist and you can save tons of money.

2. Skip the roses – they are extremely over priced for V-Day.

3. Celebrate Valentine’s Day dinner on a day other than February 14th. Restaurants are so busy and they rarely offer discounts that day.

4. Set a budget and stick with it. Cheap can be satisfying!

5. Be a romantic – create memories – do fun and crazy things that don’t cost a lot.

6. Make it yourself – an electronic photo album or a card sharing how you feel means more than any Hallmark card.

7. Use credit card reward points to buy the Valentine’s Day gift.