The epicenter of the football world, the Super Bowl is a mega event that requires mega celebrating. Since you only get the opportunity to celebrate this extravaganza once a year, it is crucial that you go ALL out in your party planning! Follow these following tips to ensure you have the best Super Bowl LI party ever.

  1. All out means all out. Prepare or order the most necessary football food. This means wings, sliders, potato skins, pizza, and chips and dip galore.
  2. What is food without drink? Ensure a great night by getting a keg, yes a keg, of your favorite crowd pleasing beer. This will definitely add to the tailgating atmosphere and experience.
  3. A simple way to guarantee more fun: No. Kids. Period.
  4. Everyone loves yelling at the refs for bum calls, right? Add to the fun by providing your own mini flags that your friends can throw on plays.
  5. Make Super Bowl related drinking games/bets before the game. Bet on what color gatorade will be dumped on the winning coach or how many times will the halftime performer mess up. Drinking games can be as creative as you are! Chug every time a field goal is missed or whenever a headset goes flying. The possibilities are endless.
  6. Don’t forget: don’t drink and drive. Do you really need to be reminded of this?

Get prepared for a fun night of football, booze, food, and friends!