Super Bowl LV Teaser: Top 7 Anticipated Ads to Look Out For

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Here at Consumer $ense, we appreciate the SuperBowl for the commercials, and year after year the anticipation grows as to which brands will deliver comedic relief, a heart-warming story, or cheesy thriller and which ones will fall flat. This NFL season has been unlike any other amidst the hardships of 2020. Many brands are concerned that the hype for the big game isn’t as much as previous years and that some fans aren’t as interested in watching this year because of the lack of in-person attendance. On the other hand, some consumers are counting on SuperBowl ads for a bit of familiarity and relief from the stressors of the previous year. So whether you’re hosting a gathering, watching with family, or video chatting friends during the game, use our guide to know what ads are ahead.

Because of the uncertainty, some bigs name have made the decision to sit this year out, like Coca Cola, but plenty of others are still in the game (or in between the game anyway) and we’ve rounded up the top most anticipated commercials to watch out for this year.


The teaser commercials from Cheeto’s are meant to leave you on the edge of your seat. Featuring actor, Ashton Kutcher, the first teaser Cheeto’s ads play on a mysterious crime-like scene as Ashton pulls out a cryptic envelope containing blurry photos and of course, a Cheeto’s bag. The second ad features Mila Kunis and rapper Shaggy, adding another layer of mystery to the storyline. The full story is yet to be revealed and consumers will hope to not be disappointed when they discover the big secret during SuperBowl LV. See the teasers on YouTube.

Later this week we’ll be doing an overview of all the celebrity features in this year’s SuperBowl ads, which are definitely a major theme in the roundup.

Vroom- Floater

Making its Super Bowl debut is Vroom, an online automobile dealer (think Carvana without the vending machine) with a comedic take on the stressors of buying a car the traditional way, particularly targeting the oh so popular stereotype: car salesmen. If you haven’t heard of Vroom yet, you will after seeing this commercial during the big game. Take an early peak at their commercial here.

Mars Wrigley- First Quarter

Returning for its 6th time since 2010, M&M commercials are a classic SuperBowl staple. Back in August of 2020, Mars Wrigley (maker of M&M’s) had secured an early spot in the lineup of Super Bowl ads for 2021 (little did they wouldn’t be that hard to snag a spot last minute- more on that later this week). Featuring their classic M&M characters, the commercial is set to premiere during the first quarter of the game. We don’t have any teasers or information on the contents of the ad, but its assumed that the M&M characters will be popping up on our screens. 


The popular stackable snack is back for SuperBowl LV after their collaborative commercial with Rick and Morty during last year’s game. This year, a teaser has not been released but according to AdAdge, the brand revealed that consumers can expect another comedic take on flavor stacking. They’ll also be launching their new branding featuring a different package and several new facial expressions for an updated Mr. Julius Pringle. The Pringles reveal will be one you don’t want to miss. 


After its first Super Bowl debut in 2014, Turbotax will be returning for its eighth consecutive year. Coming off their 2020 “All People Are Tax People” ad featuring lots of knobby knees and a (catchy? annoying?) jingle, the financial services company will be back as the official sponsor of the NFL’s financial and accounting software services. Right at the start of tax season, airing an ad during the Super Bowl (one of THE most watched TV events ever) is a no brainer. Although no teasers or hints have been released, many are anticipating another ad that highlights a struggle we can all relate to: taxes. 

Fiverr- Third Quarter

Joining the big leagues for the first time along with Vroom is Fiverr, the Israeli online marketplace for freelancers. In September of 2020, they released an ad campaign called “It Starts Here” highlighting success stories from local businesses who used Fiverr’s services. Their Super Bowl commercial is said to have a similar theme. Gali Arnon, CEO of Fiverr said, “The spot will get to the very heart of how Fiverr supports businesses around the world. We can’t wait for everyone to see what we’ve created.” As small businesses come out of a particularly tough year where transformation and digital adaptation were key to their survival, Fiverr will be portraying themselves as the place to go for freelance services. 

Rumored: Triller

The TikTok rival, Triller, is a music-based video sharing app that is rumored to be using the SuperBowl to make its national debut. According to AdAge, Triller declined to comment for this story, but a person close to Triller says that the app will appear in a national spot during the game. Triller picked up speed in the summer over quarantine although their member base is nowhere near TikTok’s. Supposedly the company is using the big game to grow their share, but maybe they’re keeping their plans secret so the reveal will be a complete surprise. 

In the past, the SuperBowl has been an opportunity for big upcoming movies to premiere trailers in anticipation for their movie theater release dates. However, with the current state of movie theaters, many assume that streaming services like Disney Plus and Netflix will snag the spots to promote their own content instead.

Of those brands who will not be returning to the big advertising event are Coca Cola, Avocados from Mexico, Sabra, Olay, Little Ceasar’s and Hyundai. Some of these companies, like Hyundai, are ending Super Bowl ad streaks of 5 years. 

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