Shopping After The Holidays and Post-Holiday Sales

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Welcome Back to Consumer $ense! Are you all shopped-out after the busy holiday season or ready to see what new products and promotions are awaiting for you? Get out of that post-holiday rut and treat yourself to some shopping! Here, we’re talking post holiday techniques that retailers use to draw you in after the holidays and get their sales off to a good start. 

What happens to the malls after the holiday season? Most shoppers tend to stay home and enjoy everything that they have purchased or received from the family and friends they spent time with at Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. Others use this calm time to do more shopping. According to Mental Floss, consumers spend over $1100 each on holiday gifts. What is the reasoning for more shopping on top of current holiday debt?

People want to use their gift cards.

Stores put out new products for consumers to purchase with their gift cards and extra spending money from the holidays. This mechanism will pull you in to use your gift cards sooner rather than later.

It’s return/exchange time.

Did you get a gift that you already have or that will most likely be sitting in the back of your closet? This is the time that you’ll exchange that gift! Getting you back in the store is exactly what the stores want. Now, you’ll see more items that you may want to buy and will increase their sales even more than they have been increased during the busy shopping season. With the rise of technology and online shopping, this is harder for businesses to reach.

There are still some sales.

This time of the year is when retailers want to get rid of their holiday items to get ready for the spring sales. They will lower their prices and give promotions to get the unsold merchandise out of the store. According to Forbes, “Sixty-four percent of respondents to our recent survey agreed that sales are actually better after the holidays, and 49 percent said discounts in January will draw them back into the stores.” If you’re in need of a Christmas tree, decorations or holiday gift sets, this is the time to buy them!

Even though the shopping malls and stores seem quieter after the holidays, there are still some consumers who can’t get off the shopping grind!

From all of us here at Consumer $ense, come back next time for New Years Resolutions and products to help you stay on track so we can make more sense for you!

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