Productive Ways To Spend Quarantine (Free Resources!)

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 The global pandemic seems to have halted many aspects of life including people’s jobs, vacations, special events, classes, and so much more while encouraging people to stay indoors and avoid coming into contact with others. This time of quarantine has created an abundance of free time for some individuals and rather than wondering what to do with all of this space in your day, now is the time to take advantage of so many things you’ve always wanted to do but maybe never had the time for. All of these productive ways to occupy your time can be done from the comfort of your own home so you can protect yourself and protect the lives of others.

Take a look at our top 5 productive ways to spend your time during quarantine with lots of FREE resources:

Get an online certificate or take a class to add technical skills to your resume.

Now is a great time to take advantage of, well, the TIME you may have to sit down and become certified in a multitude of technical skills, applications, or software that you may not have had the time to otherwise. There are many online certifications that you can get for free and sites like LinkedIn Learning allow you to do so. Coursera is offering free certificates with some of their courses until the end of May- so hurry! They range in length of time, but can be completed within weeks or even a few days. Class Central has put together a list of some of these courses hereFor more creative skills, try Skill Share who offers the first 2 months free for courses in animation, design, illustration, lifestyle, film, business, and writing

Not sure what technical skills you could benefit from? Check out this breakdown of technical skills that employers look for the most, covering a wide range of industries.

Expand your recipe repotoire.

With all this time in your home and a lot of sit-down restaurants closing for the pandemic, you can dedicate certain days of the week to trying a new recipe. Need inspiration? Pinterest is teeming with recipes (and if you’re like me, you have a bunch saved that you just haven’t gotten around to trying yet) so take advantage of searches like “easy dinner recipes” or “dinner recipes with_____” and type in what ingredient you want to use. If you’re trying to avoid the grocery store but need to make a meal, try out SuperCook which is a website (and an app) that lets you select the ingredients you have on hand and generates recipes with those ingredients so you can stay in and avoid waste.

Spring Cleaning (in places you probably forgot about)

Now is the time to go through and organize things in your home while you’re spending so much time in it!

Organize files on your desktop or laptop into folders that you can easily navigate, and maybe clear out some storage during the process. Organize things from your attic/basement and create a pile for donations and a pile for things you can try to sell online. Organize and clean out your kitchen, pantry, fridge, etc so you can easily see everything you have on hand.

For more ideas on what to clean, check out our series on Facebook and Instagram Surviving and Thriving where we give a complete list of things you wouldn’t think to clean, @consumersense.

Learn a new language

Feeling like you want to expand your knowledge of other languages or maybe brush up on one you took a long time ago? There are lots of free online resources to do so during this time of quarantine. Duolingo is always free and a great app for beginners learning a new language. They offer 36 different languages to choose from (seen above)

Check out an article on Inc. where they cover 9 websites/apps to use to learn a new language for free.

Read a new book series (online for free!)

Now is the time to crack open that series you’ve always wanted to read, and there’s no excuse when you can find plenty of online resources for free! Open Library lets you borrow up to 5 ebooks at a time for 2 weeks when you create an account. The only catch is that only 1 person can read it at a time, so if the book you’re looking for is pretty popular, you could be on the waiting list for a while. BookBub is another online book source that offers free ebooks. All you do is create a free account and choose your preferences like genre, authors and FREE and then let Bookbub do the rest. They’ll compile a personalized list of the books they think you’ll like most.

Times may be tough, but keep your spirits up by engaging in a new activity to occupy your mind and incorporate a little bit of change into your daily routine. Consumer $ense is here for you through this stressful situation as we help you navigate the struggles of daily life in this temporary “new normal”.

For more inspiration and tips on staying healthy, productive and on track amidst the coronavirus pandemic, check out our series on social media “Surviving and Thriving” with episodes on topics such as how to grocery shop with healthy habits, making your own face mask from scratch, and ways to stay on schedule with work and school.

From everyone at Consumer $ense, stay safe, stay healthy and stay sane, because there will be an end.


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