Post-Quarantine Sales to Watch Out For

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Welcome back to Consumer $ense! Today, we’re bringing you some of the most anticipated sales to watch out for as restrictions begin to lift and retailers try to reel consumers in with some great deals.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably had a lot of time on your hands while in quarantine where you’ve been surfing the web and online window shopping. With COVID-19 still running its course with the economy I, like I’m sure many of you are, have been watching my spending.  I had considered how the quarantine had affected my spending habits, but what I had not considered is how businesses would respond and try to come back from all their lost revenue. Then it hit me, SALES. If I have learned anything in marketing, it’s that sales promotion is one way a lot of businesses try to drive in revenue and entice consumer spending.

I did a little digging and these are a few sales you won’t want to miss post pandemic!


Cars were the first thing that came to mind when I was thinking about businesses trying to incentivize shoppers. Because, let’s be honest, buying or leasing a new car is not really on your mind if you are trying to watch your spending. However, if you had any slight inclination to get a new car, now is the time! Here are some of the offers going on right now:Nissan is offering 3 months of deferred payment with up to 2 months of payment relief

Nissan is offering 3 months of deferred payment with up to 2 months of payment relief.

Toyota is offering 0% APR for 60 months on their: Camry, RAV4, and Tacoma.

Hyundai is offering 0% APR for their Sonata and Elantra.


Many of you probably already know that Amazon has postponed their prime day in order to get reorganized from the massive surge they’ve had since COVID-19. Something very interesting though, is that Amazon has been losing some momentum due to the fact they had to push back their normal 1 to 2 day shipping which has caused them to lose some of their business to competitors.

If Amazon also doesn’t do their “Prime Day”, this gives their competitors, like Walmart and Target the opportunity to capitalize on the nonexistent “Prime Day”. Because of this, Amazon is offering a Summer Sale. Not much is known about when it’s going to happen, but it seems as if it’s going to be around the date of the usual “Prime Day”. It also seems as if the Summer Sale will function as a “mini” Prime Day.

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Just because we’re in quarantine, doesn’t mean we don’t have to clean. Take advantage of having a little bit of time off to reorganize and do some spring cleaning! The Container Store is currently offering 30% off all of their closet organization. This includes stuff for your shoes, clothes, and much more.


Now I can’t forget about clothes. Currently, Old Navy is offering 50% on all T-shirts, tank tops, shorts, and swimwear. If you find yourself in the need for clothes and want to save a little bit of extra cash, Old Navy is the place to go.

If one thing’s for sure, it’s that retailers are going to be fighting hard to get consumers back into their stores and shopping with their normal habits. If you can, try to take advantage of the great deals that may not be around for long!

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