Another new year, another set of new years resolutions and the promise of a fresh start.

With a whole new year ahead of us, many consumers will be coming up with ways to better themselves in the new year. Whether it be adopting a new healthy routine, improving your time management skills, getting more organized, or saving money, lots of people hope to use the motivation of a new year to stick to their 2020 goals. 

Here at Consumer $ense, our new years resolution is growth, so we can create more quality content for our consumers, and keep you up to date throughout the year, saving money and time in the marketplace. 

If you’re looking to hone in on your new years resolution, but think you’ll need some help along the way- Consumer $ense has rounded up some typical New Years Resolutions you may be considering and some products that may help you stay on track.

1. Adopting a new healthy routine

This one is a given. Your local gym gets more crowded come January and you hope to be one that sticks around for good, but how do you keep the motivation alive? 

Try working out at home! Getting to the gym is hard after work or school so having a space in your home to workout in is really convenient. The newest piece of at home workout technology is called the Mirror.

This mirror is your own at home personal trainer, equipped with bluetooth to set up your Apple watch and keep track of your heart rate. You can choose from over 10,000 on-demand workouts or over 70 live weekly sessions. With such a wide range to choose from, you’ll never get bored. This new workout tech runs for $1,495 directly from their site.

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Another cheaper option is to invest in some equipment and find workouts online. Pinterest is teeming with free workouts, and apps like 8fit which has free 8-15 minute workouts, and Sworkit for $9.99 a month (which is cheaper than a gym membership) it’s super easy to workout at home. For equipment, Amazon has a three set of dumbells for just $35. 

2. Creating Better Time Management

Being more productive is a great new years resolution and whether it’s for your business or your personal life, there are plenty of ways to stay on track. Trello is a great app for both, free for your personal use and only $9.99 a month for business. You can create boards for your projects and invite other people who are working on the same thing. Within each project, create tasks and then move them into done when completed! RescueTime is another time management app that lets you know where you’re time is being spent. For free, it automatically tracks the time you spend on websites and apps and allows you to set goals and see weekly progress reports. Of course, the old fashioned way to time manage is by utilizing a planner to manually input tasks, schedules, and projects for each week. Check out this list for Amazon’s Best Selling planners based on reviews from other users. 

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Setting reminders in your phone is another free option to be reminded to complete tasks at a specific time.

3. Saving Money 

Set monthly budgets for yourself and/or your family and organize your budget by category. The National Federation for Credit Counseling offers a free monthly budget planner to get you started. 

Keep track of your spending easily with apps like Intuit Mint, which automatically filters your expenditures into categories (occassionally, the app doesn’t recognize your purchase and places it into the wrong category, but it’s easy and quick to go in and change it manually). Each week the app sends you a report of your spending to see where your money went the most.

It may be time to step back and take a look at some purchases that could otherwise be eliminated. Consider other cheaper alternatives instead. For example, plan to cook more meals at home over eating out, invest in a coffee maker over buying coffee every morning, and other frequent unneccessary purchases that can add up over time. Employment Law Daily found that 50% of Americans who work spend approximately $1000 a year on coffee, or a weekly habit of $20- YIKES!

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4. Stay organized

This resolution may take the most discipline. As the year goes on and things get crazier, staying clean and organized falls further and further down your list of priorities. Whether it’s organizing your home, closet, office, or all of the above, there are plenty of organization products to make tidying up and staying that way more manageable. 

For kitchen organization, this rubbermaid spice rack has 4.4 stars on Amazon and is only $16.30 and depending on size, can hold up to 20 spices and each one is clearly visible.

For closet organization, Wayfair offers tons of options that can be used to organize your shoes, accessories, and anything else you want to store.

Get in the habit of organizing by color and type or season, that way you have a system to follow and can save time looking for items.

For the office, take that drawer with a million different office supplies in it and purchase a desk drawer organization, like this one from Staples which you can adjust the size of to fit your specific drawer.

You’ve got the products, now all you need is the motivation and some effort.

Happy New Year and good luck keeping up with all your resolutions. One final tip: take it easy. Don’t plan on accomplishing everything in the first month, if you spread it out and take your time, you’re more likely to not get burnt out and give up. From all of us here at Consumer $ense, we’re here to make sense for you!


Alyson Maguire | Content Manager