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As the days get shorter and the temperature chills, we know that fall is creeping up on us! Before long, you will be wondering what kinds of festive, yet affordable, activities and adventures you can take part in with your family and friends. Whether you’re an adventurous college student or a parent looking to save money, you will find activities that are wallet-friendly and lots of fun! Here are 13 festive fall activities to try this season!

1. Apple Picking. This is a fall favorite! If there’s an apple orchard nearby, take advantage of it. Some orchards sell apples by the bushel or sell it by the pound if they let you pick your own. What’s great about going to an apple orchard is seeing the variety of products they make with their freshly picked apples, to either pick up a pie there or get some ideas to make them homemade. Check out below which apples to watch out for to make the best treats. Check out the Old Farmer’s Almanac with some tips for choosing the best apples to bake with and even some great recipes to get you started!

Here we also found a chart to help you decide just what flavor you’re looking for.

Image result for types of apples


2. Picking Pumpkins. Is it really fall if you don’t pick a pumpkin? Pumpkins are in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colors and textures. Find the perfect one you want to bring home this fall!

3. Make your way through a corn maze. Finding your way through a corn maze with your friends and family in crisp, cool air is one memorable part of the fall season. Be careful, don’t get too lost!

4. Carving Pumpkins. Have a party and take some pumpkins you found at the patch and carve your favorite designs into them! You can pick up inexpensive pumpkin carving kits for as little as $4.00 like this one from Walmart


5. Take a nature Walk or Scenic Drive. The colorful leaves in fall are most definitely a favorite. Take some time with loved ones and appreciate nature with a scenic drive around town or a nature walk locally! Don’t forget to bring your phone to capture the beauty of the season. And even better- this activity is totally free!

6. Decorate for fall or Halloween. Take some time with family or friends and really get into the autumn or Halloween mood by dressing up your space with lights, wreaths and fall garland! You can even make it a fun activity to DIY your own decorations with tons of inexpensive ideas from Pinterest.

Check out these below for some budget friendly inspiration!

16 Halloween Decor DIY Ideas You Can do Using the Dollar Store

100 Dollar Store Fall Decor Ideas


7. Get to cooking! Fall inspired food is a must, so get together with family and bake some yummy treats and meals like pumpkin or apple pies, cornbread and autumn squash soup! Check out these fall dish ideas we found on Pinterest!

25 Fall Soup Recipes to Make this Year

Weekly Dinner Meal Plan // Week 41: Easy Fall Dinners


8. Watch classic family Halloween movies that you can find on any streaming service like Netflix or Hulu, and don’t forget to accompany your movie night with some of those fall treats you made!

9. Go to local Football games or watch them on TV. Cheer on your favorite teams this season by watching football games with your family! Throw a viewing party with lots of fun snacks while enjoying the big game. (Check out our video on saving money on a Super Bowl party, which can definitely be used for any game day during football season!)

10. Visit Haunted Houses. It’s that time! Halloween is around the corner, so we know haunted houses are too. Adventure haunted houses around the neighborhood or in your area while getting a little spooked for the season! Check for discounted group tickets that may get you a discount with more people. Check out the Haunted House Directory below to find a list of haunted houses in your city.

Haunted House Directory

11. Bonfire & S’mores. Chilly weather calls for cozy times by the fire with sweet treats and people you care about. S’mores fix-ins are a great cheap option, and sticks and paper can be gathered from right around your own home.

12. Fall Festivals. Festivals bring so much autumn joy to the town, so why not adventure them this season and spread some fall cheer around? Try searching “Fall festivals near me this weekend” on Google and you’re sure to be surprised at how many celebrations are happening so close to home!

13. Roast Pumpkin Seeds. Enjoy every bit of your pumpkins by using the seeds from carving. Lay them out on a pan, drizzle oil and some salt and throw them in the oven for an autumn crunch! Try out some of these yummy recipes we found on Pinterest!

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds


And there we have it: our top 13 cheap fall activities for families and friends to partake in and take advantage of everything this season has to offer. Come back in 2 weeks for a can’t miss blog on How to Save Money on a Wedding!

Also, be sure to stick around in October for some great Halloween costume ideas and tips on how to have the most impressive costume without the impressively high price tags.

From all of use here at Consumer Sense- we’ll see you next time where we can make even more sense for you!



Written by: Marisa Brock | Edited by: Alyson Maguire