Consumer Trends 2021: Staying Active With At-Home Workouts

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When the pandemic hit, it disrupted a lot of peoples’ workout routines. Many of us are used to going to a gym to work out, including myself. Going to the gym can help you create a habit, get out of the house, and stay motivated. When that option was taken away it became easy to get lazy and forget to work out without a regular schedule and the proper resources. More and more people have turned to at-home workouts to fill the void, and a lot of them have even discovered they like it better.

While many of us miss the experience of the gym, being at home has highlighted the pros of at-home workouts. One of the biggest reasons to workout at home is that it’s easier. You don’t have to go anywhere, which requires transportation and extra time. If you have children, going to the gym can be difficult because you need to find someone to watch your kids. At-home workouts alleviate that stress. If you work out at home, it can be simpler and easier to keep track of without the array of exercise machines and various tools. You don’t have to be around other people while you exercise, which can be nerve racking for a lot of individuals. I know that sometimes I get self conscious about people watching me work out at the gym. On the same hand, I don’t always enjoy watching other people work out when I want to focus. Being at home is also safer and can reduce risk of not only the coronavirus, but other illnesses as well.

Being at home is not only easier, but it can also be cost efficient. Gym memberships are expensive. If you switch to a home workout routine, you don’t have to pay a continuous fee every month or year. It does take a small investment to buy some of the equipment that you need, but once you buy it you own it and don’t have to keep paying. You can also only buy the equipment that you need, as opposed to paying for a gym that includes a bunch of stuff you’ll never use. Also, if you stay at home, transportation costs are no longer an issue.

There are a bunch of pros to working out at home, but there are of course a few cons as well that people should be aware of. While it is easier, sometimes it can be much harder to motivate yourself to workout. Part of the appeal of a gym is that it requires you to get up and go to an environment without the distractions you might find at home. If you enjoy the larger workout machines and equipment, it may be difficult or costly to get those into your home. If you work out at home, you also need to find the space in your home to set up your at-home gym, which can be difficult as well. Most gym memberships give you access to exercise classes and personal trainers, which you might miss at home. The good news as far as that goes is that there are a bunch of videos and classes online that can help fill the need for those resources.

After this tumultuous year, we believe that the at-home workout trend will continue well into 2021 and beyond due to its many benefits, but we would love to know what you think. What was your workout routine like before the pandemic? What is it like now? Are at-home workouts something that will continue to appeal to you even after life returns to normal? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @consumersense on Twitter!

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