2019 was a year full of fantastically innovative products that continually urged the inner consumer in all of us to spend. Although tech heavy, the developments in this product area leave us with a brightened outlook for what’s to come in 2020. Let’s take a look at some of the greatest products that came to us in 2019.

#1) The Ring Doorview Cam

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The Ring door view cam has been the subject of multiple hilarious online videos, ranging in category, and has been on the top of many 2019 consumer lists. Although this product may equate to many upon laughs, this door view camera is one of the hottest products of all in 2019. Recently purchased by Amazon, Ring had an amazing 2019.  Although the Ring doorbell works like many others, this doorbell replaces your front doors “peephole” with a high-resolution video camera. This completely wire free doorbell requires consumers to make no permanent alteration. This is due to the battery sitting on the inside of your door, rather than running throughout your house from another location. The Ring video door view cam features motion detectors and records in 1080p video straight to the user’s cell phone via the Ring app. This doorbell even allows you to talk to whoever is outside. With such craze and innovation, this was a very easy pick for our list!

#2) LG’s Roll Away TV

LG COMING SOON - LG SIGNATURE OLED TV R9 - 4K HDR Smart TV - 65'' Class (64.5'' Diag), OLED65R9PUA

The new LG 4k HDR Smart TV is one of the hottest TVs out right now. The device, which is only available in a 65’ format, re-imagines television’s place at the subject of the center of the room. This device features a wonderful blend of high-end wood and pure metal with a screen that disappears and rolls away like a perfect poster, becoming truly furnituresque, whilst removing the glaring centerpiece of your room. This television doesn’t stop there, as it can also be put into a “line view” which exposes only a quarter of the screen, showing a unique customizable home screen for the user. Combine this with the Dolby Atmos sound system and this is a sure win amongst the other products in 2019.


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2019 brought about a bunch of innovative products, but arguably none like this. Despite not being viewed as a “product”, IBM’s Q system One brings the new future of computing, completely redefining our common definition of what a “computer” truly is. This device will allow users access to quantum computing, with speed and processing power that will outperform any current machine, allowing users to perform quantum calculation over the internet with a single consumer product computer, which is available on Amazon. Regardless of your view on this product it is sure to bring out the inner nerd in all of us!

#4) Apple TV+

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In 2019 Apple announced it would be joining the ranks of other streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Video. The new streaming service is called Apple TV + and will include new original content. Apple will allow users to purchase or rent content, as well as subscribe to premium channels such as HBO and Starz through the service. Apple has committed to an ad-free experience for their users of Apple TV, differentiating from other services such as Hulu. Additionally, Apple TV will allow users to purchase, rent, and view content that will be able to be viewed across additional apps, devices, and channels. Apple TV will cost viewers a measly $4.99 a month but there is a way to avoid that fee. For consumers who purchase the new iPhone (covered in this article), iPad, Apple TV (device), or Mac computer will receive a free year of Apple TV+. Our next product will certainly be a great segway into gaining that free access to Apple TV+!

#5) Apple iPhone 11

iPhone 11 Pro - 64GB Midnight Green - Verizon - Apple (with installments plan)

The subject of many outstanding online reviews, the Apple iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 plus have become a true fan favorite despite debuting near the end of 2019. Although the device may appear to be the same as the iPhone 10S and 10R, Apple added some serious upgrades to the iPhone 11, such as the serious camera improvements and night mode picture taking. From the outside, the iPhone 11 looks like the exact same phone of years past. Searching further, reveals just how magnificent the new iPhone is. The iPhone 11 offers a dedicated telephonic camera which offers a 2x optical zoom, a better screen, face ID, and a slew of other exciting features. The new camera offers 3 lenses, one with an ultra-wide angle camera, a normal lens, and of course the telephonic, if you opt for the pro model. The device also offers night mode and deep fusion processing for drastically improved indoor shots. Additionally, there is improved autofocus speed and undoubtably sharper images with improved color reproduction. Lastly, the new iPhone 11 will also be coming in new colors such as green, purple, red and yellow. Combine these features with a battery life 1 hour better than the predecessor and this new iPhone was sure to be a total hit in 2019!

And there you have it, our official roundup of the best products from 2019. As we head into the new year, the possibilities for new technology and creative ways to innovate are endless. Stay tuned as we keep you up to date on what’s to come in the next year with 2020 Consumer Trends from the consumer trends expert herself- Dr. Audrey Guskey! 

Thanks for a great year and we can’t wait to bring you bigger, better content in 2020 so we can keep making $ense of it all for YOU!

Dan Thein | Chief Analytics Officer