Wearable technology is perhaps one of the biggest attention getters from consumers today. Things like Google Glasses, AppleWatches are not just a symbol for fashion, but have serious utilization in our lives, especially healthcare. According to a survey by U.K.-based IT  service and support organization– Vista Retail Support, per Biz Report, 49% say they believe wearables like smartwatches, fobs, smart clothing and wristbands will improve their shopping experience through personalization of offers and promotions.

Smartwatches are going though the path smartphone was on. Look at the functions and the interfaces of phones, the flip phones with tiny screen, from which you can only call and text, till nowadays that you can pretty much do anything on your phones that you can do on your computers. Likewise, smartwatches are getting bigger screens, with more functions like music player, weather, phone calls and even act as a virtual wallet. 73% people surveyed said they would use to pay for transportation, 71% would pay for beverages and 55% for entry to a venue or fast food.