Not sure when to shop over Thanksgiving week due to the smorgasbord of super deals? Black Friday used to be the kick off of the Christmas retail season, but it is now bigger than a single day – it is an entire weekend of savings! Here is a cheat sheet of when to shop:

Shop Brown Thursday (Thanksgiving Day) if you want cameras, iPhones, TVs, IPads, video games or appliances. Shop Black Friday if you want toys and tools. Shop Cyber Monday if you want laptops, travel, clothes, shoes, or beauty products. Retailers did not do so well on Thanksgiving last year and so are desperately trying to get us into the stores. So you will find some blockbusters on Thanksgiving Day. Black Friday has been around since the 1980s and seems to have lost its luster. Black Friday sales dipped last year 1.5%. Fewer people will be shopping on Black Friday and there will be less bargains than before.

You can shop on Small Business Saturday because it puts the fun back in Christmas shopping. These small neighborhood stores welcome you into their warm environment and maybe even give you a cup of apple cider and a Christmas cookie. You can get some great unique gifts and personalized service at small stores. Small Business Saturday started in 2010 and is the newest of the Thanksgiving holiday shopping days.

Cyber Monday had its start in 2005 and grew last year 21% over the previous year. By shopping Cyber Monday, you get more retail wide discounts where Thanksgiving and Black Friday offer more product specific deals. And the best thing about shopping on Cyber Monday – you can do it at work!

Want to know what not to buy over the Thanksgiving holiday? Gift cards, Christmas decorations, and winter gear – wait until December or right before Christmas for the real deals! For more information tune to KDKA-TV next Monday at 5 pm to hear David Highfield and Dr. Audrey Guskey share more insider tips on when to shop over the Thanksgiving holiday.