Everyone wants to experience their team’s football season in the stands. However, it is important to be wary of the ticket scammers that may lurk behind the unbelievable deals. Follow this tips to ensure you don’t fall into a scheme this season.

  1. Always pay for the ticket transaction with credit or PayPal. These forms of payment can be traced and even reimbursed.
  2. Use a reliable ticket seller. NFL.com, NFL ticket exchange, or StubHub are your best bet for getting a legitimate ticket.
  3. Never agree to a wire transfer. A wire transfer can not be traced, so your money could essentially disappear.
  4. Try to avoid street vendors. Showing up to the game and hoping for the best from a ticket scalper is not the best route to take. These tickets are often illegitimate.
  5. If the price for a ticket seems too good to be true, it probably is! Use your best judgement when it comes to pricing. Avoid prices that are too low and prices that are too high, because both could lead you to getting ripped off.

This football season don’t let the excitement of a game lead you into the path of a scammer. Use your common sense and trust your gut when it comes to buying tickets this season.