Don’t let potential cost scare you out of having a spooky and fun halloween this year! Follow these simple tips and tricks to keep your wallet out of the grave.

  1. Don’t shell out extra cash for a new costume. Instead, gather your friends and family for a costume swap! By pooling resources you can find a fun new costume without a hefty price tag.
  2. The thrift store is your best friend. Find costumes and decorations at your local thrift store. You’ll be able to find something unique, and cheap, for the spooky season ahead.
  3. Use the 3:1 ratio when it comes to more expensive candy. For every full size candy bar, substitute 3 fun sized bars. This way you don’t have to sacrifice the good treats or your wallet! You can also follow this rule when it comes to food and beverages for a Halloween party.
  4. Get crafty at home. The internet is full of DIY ideas when it comes to games, decorations, and costumes. Your home goods are full of spooky potential, you  just have to look.  You can even print decorations at home and assemble them yourself for a personal touch.

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