More than 3 million students are expected to graduate this year from high school with several more million graduating from college or graduate school.  And don’t forget that kindergarten graduate!

The average person buying graduation gifts will shop for two graduates and spend an average of $97.79 according to the National Retail Federation.  The spending is on gift cards, electronic items, apparel, and other items.  This totals to more than $4.7 billion.

Consider the relationship you have with the graduate.  If they are close family member or a close friend, $50 to $100 is a good range of giving.  If they are a distant relative or friend $20 to $40 fits the bill.

While many consider cash to be tacky, graduates will tell you that is their favorite gift.  If you are giving cash – make it fun!   Fill a piggy bank, or roll the bills and tuck them in balloons the color of the graduate’s school.