It is no secret that we are living in the height of a society centered around technology. With every feasible task able to be completed at our fingertips, the need for brick and mortar storefronts, physical locations, is growing more and more obsolete. Companies are already cashing in on this rising trend by growing their businesses without ever opening a store existing beyond the screen of your computer or smartphone. No brick and mortar store results in less cost for the company, which is then passed on to the consumer in the form of less expensive retail.

As the companies cash in, so are you! Dollar Shave Club is an organization dedicated to no one ever having to use a dull razor again. With only an 8-dollar startup fee you receive new blades for a month along with a complimentary “shave butter” and after your initial trial you receive new blades for only 9 dollars a month. The customer is saving money and, quite literally, saving face.

Alongside Dollar Shave Club in the realm of personal care we have Ipsy. Ipsy is a monthly “glam bag” packed with 5 random professional quality beauty samples for only 10 dollars a month. shows that one of their 10 dollar glam bags has a retail value of 56 dollars. With Ipsy you have the option to test drive makeup before committing to a purchase. Your wallet will rejoice.

Organizations like Dollar Shave Club and Ipsy could not as easily retain profit while also offering staggering deals to their costumers if they operated out of a brick and mortar location. By strictly doing business online they are able to cut costs while the consumer reaps the benefit. If you’re interested in saving money through businesses like these check out for savvy retailer finds.