GfK, a Nuremberg, Germany based company conducted a survey recently on consumers’ opinion for current leading-edge technologies. The study asked customers from a total of seven different countries (US, UK, Germany, Brazil, South Korea, China, and Japan) to choose from eleven leading-edge technologies that would be important to their lives in the next few years. The options range from 3D printing to augmented/virtual reality to internet of Things. Half of the US consumers (51%) believe that smart home technology will have the most impact in the near future, more important than wearables or cloud computing. It is tightly followed by mobile payments (50%). The US results compare to global level where 54% for the mobile payments and second place for smart home with 51%. Also top the chart for US consumers are wearables (42%) and cloud computing (41%).

The areas of smart home technology applications that are the most appealing to consumers are “security and control” (54%) and “energy or lighting” (55%), followed by “entertainment and connectivity” with 48 percent and “health” and “smart appliances,” with 43 percent each. The leading barrier consumers across all countries felt was the perceived price, with over one-third of people overall citing it as a barrier, followed by privacy concerns, cited by one-quarter.

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