It’s a no brainer that sharing is cheaper than buying. Especially if you don’t use it that often. If you want to get a bike to explore the city or try to get some biking exercise, going for a rental bike will definitely save you a ton of money. Living simply is the modern idea. Sometimes we need something, but we don’t need it forever. “Disownership” gradually becomes the mainstream. Instead of selling them once a year in your garage sale for something less than $5.00, you can make your money back by renting them out to other people. was born when the creator–Martin, needed some tools to help his parents move ( Not until then did he realize the market needs for renting platform. If you need a big stereo for a kids’ party, you can rent it for $30/day; or a hammock for $2/day. One can argue that you can get something cheap off Craigslist, but has a built-in trust system. You can easily learn who you rent to and from. If you have a lot of stuff lying around the house, why not becoming a business owner and start renting stuff out on