Everyone has the desire to stay in style, but how do you do it? Search no further, because we have the full breakdown for you to get the Fall look without having to look too far. Check out our summary here or see the full article on https://www.bustle.com/articles/180784-5-fall-2016-makeup-trends-that-will-be-huge-according-to-mac-cosmetics-makeup-artists

Bold and sharp is the style! Pick something that will stand out from your skin tone and look like it was applied perfectly. Bright reds are a great example of this.


Keep your eyeliner sharp on the top and smudged on the bottom! This allows you to look like you know exactly what you’re doing without making it seem like you tried too hard.


Kaleidoscope is the word that bustle.com uses to describe this cool looking style. It consists of several closely related colors blended together to create an ombré effect. Try it particularly with your pinks and whites!


The trend in this area right now is smooth and natural! Find the foundation that best matches your skin color in a lightweight and bendable formula. You can make your features really stand out later with some light contouring and a rosy blush.