Hine Ward, the ex-Steelers’ wide receiver, announced that he would dive in to the restaurant business after his retirement in April this year. By teaming up with restaurateur Howard Schiller, their newest restaurant–Table 86 and Vines Wine Bar, will be located in Seven Fields, Pittsburgh. It is obvious that the name “Table 86” comes from that fact that Ward’s number was 86 in the Steelers. What’s more interesting is all menu prices would end in 86 cents because of that.

The restaurant was planned to be open by the end of August, right before the football season. This superstar said in an interview with Post Gazette, that part f the intention of opening this restaurant was “to create jobs and create a spot where everybody can have a good time, have great food in a great ambiance. It’s my way of saying thank you. I believe in the Black and Gold.”

Source: http://www.post-gazette.com/life/dining/2015/08/19/Hines-Ward-s-Table-86-opens-in-Seven-Fields/stories/201508190196

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