As consumers, we expect high quality services from the providers that we use consistently. We feel entitled to good service because we shop at businesses often, but are we actually entitled to always receiving high quality services?

The answer is absolutely! Businesses know that regardless of how difficult a customer may be, they are nonetheless paying customers, and therefore their purchases are valuable.  The service providers are the ones that need to keep the customers coming back regardless of how rude we as consumers may be to them sometimes.

But is it okay to be rude towards a provider because we are upset with them? That’s a difficult question to answer. Who would want to deal with unhappy, frustrated and unsatisfied people who yell at service providers?  We watch this behavior from the arrogant shopper in front of us and feel bad for the service provider. Yet we too, are the ones that when something goes wrong we get mad and let it be known that we are unhappy with the service.

As consumers we should consider how we go about treating service providers because in the end they are ordinary people just like we are, but because of their job position they have to deal with our frustration. Our attitude towards service providers is going to drive how we are treated and the respect we are going to receive. It is also going to drive the refund we might get. Think before you react in a strong matter towards service providers – they are just like you.