I just wrote a blog a day ago about Black Friday and guess what? I am back with interesting facts about its twin– Cyber Monday! Smartphones have put the whole internet in our pockets, which we can tell even from Black Friday when online shopping even matched with the traditional ways of shopping in-store. 103 million people shopped online between Thanksgiving and Sunday, sales reached a record of $8.03 billion solely from online in that period, which is a 17% increase over last year.

However, this Cyber Monday might just break the record with forecasters (Adobe) believe the projected sales would reach $3 billion dollars on Cyber Monday. Yes, $3 billion dollars spent on a single day!

Even though some retailers are already successful at online shopping, there is still a lot of work to be done about online shopping experience. Shoppers visiting Target’s website experienced delays Monday morning. Meanwhile, Adobe reported that 15 out of 100 product views across the e-commerce landscape were showing an item that was out of stock. It was about 2.5 times the normal rate, and it was not good news to have so many items unavailable at 10:00am during the day. Some large retailers had trouble getting packages sent out on line.

The Cyber Monday’s purchasing power has underlying the fact that retails wars are moving onto the little pockets screens. With the help of smart technologies and the advancement of smartphones, Adobe reports that about 53% of the traffic and 32% of online sales came from a mobile device.

So, how did you shop for Thanksgiving? and what do you think about online shopping?