Everyone has the struggle where we are too lazy to cook meals after a long day at work, but at the same time we can’t afford eat out all the time. Although some people love to cook, the majority find it too much hassle. According to lifehacker.com, food is consumers’ largest regular expense, yet with the biggest wiggle room. Think about how often do you eat out, and how much do you spend each time at a restaurant that could be potentially saved if you were to eat at home. BudgetBytes.com was born to help you solve this problem. The idea of this website is to provide simple, quick and satisfying recipes to those who don’t normally cook, under tight budget, and/or newbies who are learning the basics.

Each recipe has very detailed information about its ingredient, preparation and cooking time, the total cost per serving. It also lists the instructions step-by-step, so you will never mess it up! You can find hundreds of thousands of recipes, including but not limited to, Asian, Mediterranean, Vegetarian, Gluten-Free and much more categories. No matter what your taste is, you will not be disappointed by it. Time to explore the fun of cooking and bulk up your wallet!


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